Multiple Uses for Boroplus Skin Care Cream


Extended exposure to the elements, especially the wind, extreme cold can take away moisture more than anything else. Neglect or lack of hydration caused dry and scaly skin. Using Boroplus Skin Care Cream brings soothing comfort and effective relief to crusting and scaling of skin.

Dry Hands

Hands can be particularly damaged and painful when exposed to the aggressions of everyday life, such as the weather, water, and the tasks we perform with them. Frequent exposure to water and irritating detergents may cause dry, chapped skin. Boroplus Skin Care Cream helps protect your hands to enhance their healing. Try it as an overnight treatment for rough hands, cuticles


Dry climate and extreme weather, and frequent use of detergents are some of the most common skin irritants, which cannot be avoided, resulting in dry, chapped, or itchy skin. Using Boroplus Skin Care Cream brings soothing comfort and effective relief to irritated skin.


Lips look good when they are soft, smooth and healthier looking. Boroplus Skin Care protects and relieves dry chapped lips, while locking in moisture to help them heal. Apply Boroplus Skin Care Cream Fragrance Free anytime, and especially in the winter, or apply right before going to bed to moisturise your lips overnight.


For minor scalds and burns caused by ironing or cooking, to sun burn, Boroplus Skin Care Cream soothes and protect your skin creating a barrier around the burn to protect against infection.


Feet experience tremendous physical activity, which leads to the formation of dry, hard, rough and flaky skin and cracks on the skin. Low humidity in winter months is another major cause of cracked feet. For an easy overnight treatment, apply Boroplus Skin Care Cream on your feet and heels; cover them up with cotton gloves and socks. Discover noticeably smoother, healthier-looking feet in just one week.


Insect bites and stings cause irritation and itching. Active herbal ingredients in Boroplus Skin Care Cream are known to provide immediate soothing relief from the pain, itching & swelling of insect bites & nettle stings.


Minor cuts and scratches are common occurrences on skin. Boroplus Skin Care Cream contains natural and herbal ingredients with antiseptic properties that help protects the skin in its natural healing process.


Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs or pimples and can occur anywhere you shave or wax. Apply Boroplus Skin Care Cream after shaving to soothe the skin and prevent razor bumps from getting worse. Over time this will help give you a clean and comfortable shaving experience.