My Boroplus Story

Easy to apply and lasts long

I am 46, mother of teen, and have very sensitive, thin, and dry skin. This cream is the best I have ever tried. It's not hard to work with unlike some reviewers’ comments and it absorbs quickly and does last and last without having to reapply frequently. It has worked wonders and works as well if not better than some of the expensive creams or lotions from department stores. Try it for sure. You aren't investing in a BMW for heaven's sake. Thanks.

Catherine 46, Samara

Boroplus Hand & Nail Cream to the rescue

Boroplus Hand & Nail Cream to the rescue I have suffered from excema on my hands for over a decade and have been through many many products. I had my skin pretty much under control, but my skin would still crack and the problem would persist throughout the year. It would get so bad sometimes that it would hurt to try to grip something and the cracks/cuts would bleed. I was using Berkhudniya Ruschki every day after a shower on my hands before I found this product. It did a pretty good job, but my hands would become dry again after 4-5 hand washings. But when I tried Boroplus INTENSIVE THERAPY Hand & Nail Cream on my hands one day and my hands stay soft the entire day. My skin hasn't cracked even once since I've been on this and I now keep it stocked up. I found it at most Aptekas on sale for half the price of other brands. I would pay triple if I had to as this cream has solved the problem with my hands. I hope they never stop making it. It really was a rescue for me.

Lyubashenka 35, Novosibirsk

I keep myself healthy with a 30-minute workout every day and my skin with Boroplus

“Working out isn’t all about dropping pounds or prepping for your next triathlon. Regular exercise also gives you a healthy, glowing look and an unmistakable glow that you just can’t get any other way.”
“I live in Odintsovo, which is just outside Moscow. I am what some may call a health freak, so my obsession with fitness takes up most of my free time. It may be because I come from a place which has the best volleyball players in Russia.”
“I spend 30 minutes a day on toning my body and have little to no time to tend to my skin. This isn’t an issue for me because I know working up a good sweat is the equivalent of getting a mini-facial. But I also know that exercise alone isn’t going to make me look and feel gorgeous. I have eat healthy and choose my cosmetic carefully. I use the herbal Boroplus Skin Cream for all my skin care needs.”
“My daily workout routine helps keep my body in check and helps me maintain my health while Boro Plus takes care of my delicate skin. It helps me deal with occasional bruises, cuts, or even fungal problems in my toes because of excessive sweating and even some cold sores. I like to go out running and the cold wind against my face leaves my skin, dry and numb, but Boroplus keeps my skin health and fresh at all times.
I have been a using this cream for many years now and as such have developed an dependable relationship with it.”“I’ll strongly recommend people to keep one Boroplus in their bags all the time.”

Ludmila, 30 Odintsovo

Boroplus is a great after-shave too

If you’re looking affordable and unpretentious after shave moisturizer, Boroplus Skin care cream is a great way to go. It may not have the great scent, but it works perfectly well for me. I use it almost after every time I shave. It takes care of shaving bumps and small razor cuts. Try it once.

Sasha, 40, Rostov